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Boelter Blue’s digital engagement tools can provide just the features you need AND integrate with systems you already have in place. 

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Champps Americana
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“We can reach more than 1,600 of our best customers any time directly through their mobile device, allowing us to drive business when needed and speak directly to the people who want to hear from us most.”

– Rob Rajala, Manager, Champps Americana

Designed for hospitality
by hospitality people

At Boelter Blue, our passion for this business comes from years of working in bars and restaurants. From the front of the house to the kitchen to the back office, we’ve lived the excitement and the stress, too.

That’s why we believe in:

Making your life easier. 
You’ve got enough on your plate already.

Giving you control. 
Engage directly with your customers (not through third parties).

Saving you time. 
All it takes to get started is a quick conversation with our team.

“What have you been wanting to do? Maybe you want to add curbside, catering or a ghost kitchen. Now is the time to be creative, to try out new things, to grab your customer’s attention in new ways. Because it might be your next big thing.”

Club members get 1st taste of the new releases


– Rob Frost, Founder and Co-Owner, Boelter Blue

Success Stories

Your customers are

inundated with options

You’re competing for their attention, not just their taste buds. Give them a great experience and reason to choose to leave their door and come to yours.

You already have a lot on your plate

Keeping your staff, systems and service running smoothly is hard enough most days. You’d love to do more to reach and connect with customers, if you only had more time or an easier way.

Stay in front of customers

Cut through the noise with targeted and timely messaging

  • push messaging
  • customer targeting

Create quality experiences

High expectations, meet delightfully easy interactions

  • real-time menu updates
  • digital waitlisting

Streamline your marketing

Create and connect to everyone on the go or in advance

  • platform integration
  • event and promotion calendars
  • automated engagement

Build relationships that last

Simplified digital loyalty programs are truly rewarding

  • first-time guests & VIPs
  • seasonal & short-term offers
  • customizable and targetable

This is where we come in.

“I love how I can reach our customers at the drop of a dime. I have the ability in my hands at all times to tell them anything I want to tell them and I can do it all from the convenience of my cell phone and being a bar owner, that convenience is stellar.”

– Jennie Paoli, Saloon on Calhoun With Bacon

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unparalleled  partnerships