Digital Waitlisting

Turn More Tables and Satisfy More Customers

Even if you’re operating at reduced capacity, it’s easy to keep your business moving with real-time Digital Waitlisting from Boelter Blue.

No worrying about how long they’ll be waiting around. Meanwhile, your host staff can easily stay ahead of reservation and walk-in guests on site.

Simple. Flexible. Affordable.

Customer confidence with a click

Give guests the power to claim a spot in line right from their phone.

Digital Loyalty System

Build a Truly Rewarding Experience

Personalized Loyalty Rewards from Boelter Blue let you easily create custom, short-term and seasonal offers that target diners and keep your loyalty programs engaging.

Leave those old, confusing and ineffective paper-based systems behind. Give customers relevant rewards that won’t get lost in the bottom of their bags.

First-time Guests


Seasonal Offers

Birthday Rewards

Club Cards

Forget paper cards

Cater to customers habits and reap the rewards

Push Messaging

Tempt and tantalize with a couple of clicks

Photo Push Messaging from Boelter Blue gives you a simple way to cut through the social media noise and connect with customers on specials, events and more.

Remind them what they are missing. Your customers choose when and how they want to hear from you, so they won’t miss out on the offers they want.

Targeted and timely

Your best customers want to hear from you


Bavarian Bierhaus Customers Opt in for the Latest Offers

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Features that Fit

Boelter Blue gives you a complete array of digital engagement tools that help you create quality experiences, streamline your marketing and build customer relationships that last. All while saving you time and integrating with tools you already have in place.

Level up your loyalty rewards. Get those doughnuts.


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Want to grab more than 5.2% of your customer's attention?


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The average organic reach for a Facebook post is 5.2% of the Page’s total likes. (hootsuite)

85% of consumers say a deal or discount influences where they choose to eat outside of their homes, and 81% say a deal would make them likely to switch restaurants they planned to dine at (RetailMeNot)

Built to Suit and Simplify

Let us set up a system tailored to you. Boelter Blue’s digital engagement tools can provide just the features you need AND integrate with systems you already have in place. 

We’ll help you:

Stay in front of customers

Cut through the noise with targeted and timely messaging

  • push messaging
  • customer targeting

Create quality experiences

High expectations, meet delightfully easy interactions

  • real-time menu updates
  • digital waitlisting

Streamline your marketing

Create and connect to everyone on the go or in advance

  • platform integration
  • event and promotion calendars
  • automated engagement

Build relationships that last

Simplified digital loyalty programs are truly rewarding

  • first-time guests & VIPs
  • seasonal & short-term offers
  • customizable and targetable
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Menu Management

Create, modify and share quickly and easily

Modify your menu in one place and instantly update your website, mobile app. Create QR code menu links that stay updated as well.

Stay on the same page

with your customers

With Boelter Blue, you can also create print menus and easily manage daily specials, tap lists, beer releases and special events with ease. 

Are your menus keeping pace or causing confusion?


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